Poll: North dakota voters support wind energy development

Voters express strong support for the economy, property rights and ALL energy resources in the state.

Wind energy provides positive economic impacts

Study assesses windy energy contributions.

Legislative Update

Follow energy legislation and lawmaker votes on key bills.

ND Wind Energy Fact Sheet

ND Wind Energy Fact Sheet

North dakota winD farms map

Locations of ND Wind Farms by Public Service Commission (Sept 2016)

Jan 2017 Survey Results

North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions 

Federal Energy Subsidies Fact Sheet

The federal government provides more than $900 billion in energy subsidies to help support jobs,  industry, and innovation. See how fossil fuels benefit from the biggest proprortion of subsidy money. 

NORTH Dakota Tax Rates On Energy By Source

Wind energy is taxed at a rate 84% higher than coal. See how tax rates compare across energy sources in North Dakota. 

Print Advertisement

See a copy of the full-page print advertisement that ran in North Dakota newspapers in early 2017.

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