Opinion: Lawmakers Must Consider All of North Dakota's Interests

This letter to the editor appeared in the Bismarck Tribune on February 21, 2017. 

Legislators should look beyond their own districts and their own self-interest as they pass laws for our state. Those laws affect all of us. There is a fight between coal and wind that is in full swing in the Legislature.

On Friday morning a committee, chaired by Sen. Jessica Unruh from coal country, decided to prohibit all future wind development for the next two years. This is bad policy for our state, and should not be pursued by someone who works for a coal company. Unruh works for the coal industry and, as such, views wind development as a threat to her livelihood. She, as well as all of our elected leaders, must look to the entire state as they draft and try to pass laws for North Dakota.

It’s wrong to think only of the industry in your home district and not consider the impacts upon the rest of us. There is a clear conflict of interest that should be avoided. Unruh should remove herself from the fight that involves the very industry she is employed by.

David Day, Moffit

ND For All Energy