Wind Energy in North Dakota

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Prime location

North Dakota is a prime location for wind; currently it ranks sixth in the nation for wind energy potential.


The wind industry has invested more than $4 billion in North Dakota, and pays millions in property taxes and payments to landowners.

no emissions

Generating wind power creates no emissions and uses virtually no water.  


job creation

Wind energy production has created and supported approximately 3,000 jobs in North Dakota in 2015, stabilizing our workforce, diversifying our economy and counteracting unemployment levels in the oil and gas industry due to low oil prices.

Google + clean energy

Google’s first investment in utility-scale clean energy was in North Dakota.  In 2010, Google invested nearly $39 million in two wind farms in the state, one in Barnes County and another in Burleigh County.

Wind + farmland

North Dakota devotes 90% of available land to agriculture. Producing wind energy on farmland has multiple economic benefits: Given the small footprint of turbines, wind farms do not impede usage of land for normal farming and ranching operations; Wind farms provide lease income to North Dakota landowners.  Annual land lease payments are between $5 and $10 million.