We Can Have It All …North Dakota Can Export More

The ND Petroleum Council shared a recent story from the International Energy Administration stating the US is positioned to become the world’s top oil producer.  We need only to look at North Dakota to see how this dominance occurred.  We have a bountiful blessing of all energy resources including oil, gas, wind and coal.

For years we heard our leaders call for energy security. (We’ve gone from importing about 70% of our oil to about 25% today.)   We may have reached energy security for the US., but only if we use all of the resources available to us.

North Dakota is home to one the greatest shale plays in America creating the bountiful oil and gas abundance where we export these energy resources to other parts of the country. The same is true for coal which, supplies electricity to North Dakota residents but most is sold to other states in the Midwest.

For those of us who grew up on the prairies of North Dakota, watching amber waves of grain waving across the fields in mid-August, one could not have imagined wind could actually be converted to an energy source that would eventually be exported to other regions of the country. Growing up in Emmons County with lots of prairie and wind, it never crossed my mind. I understood the logic of a windmill to pump water from a well … and now that same windmill concept generates electricity from farm and ranch land and most is exported just like coal, and oil and gas.

As North Dakotans we are proud of the products we grow, manufacture, produce or develop for others to use.  We would never entertain a suggestion from a producer or a Legislator that we slow, or stop production of wheat or soybeans. Nor should we curtail production of energy.  We should figure out how to make the most of ALL of our resources and sell more to the rest of the nation, rather than produce less.

Energy dominance doesn’t happen by default. Let’s continue to be a state that feeds the world and provides energy resources to keep our homes warm and businesses functional at a cost that is competitive. To do this, North Dakota needs to continue to be a leader in exporting the resources we have available. Our bountiful energy resources; wind, oil, gas, and coal were gifted to this state for us to share with other Americans and promote economic wellbeing here at home.