Voices to be Heard on Wildlife Guidelines at Natural Resources Committee Hearing

Various groups from across the State will present at the June 6, Natural Resources Committee meeting regarding guidelines proposed by North Dakota Game and Fish (NDGF).  As a refresher, NDGF is trying to impose more restrictions on native grasslands.  NDGF has decided we need more government regulations as part of our energy development policy. They recently urged private energy developers to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a private conservation organization as part of an energy development project.  NDGF is saying an energy development project must “pay” to mitigate direct and indirect impacts a project has on wildlife.  The science they are using is sketchy and has not been a collaborative process, but one driven largely by NDGF.

Do we need more regulations that restrict what landowners can do on their property and stifle private investment?  Responsible wind developers, comply with all applicable law (including three federal statutes—enforced by US Fish & Wildlife).  They work closely with landowners, conservationists, and NDGF, regarding wildlife and habitat to minimize and mitigate potential risks to wildlife.

Wednesday, June 6,  will be interesting as the committee will hear from ND Rural Electric Cooperatives, ND Public Service Commission, Utility Shareholders of ND, Ducks Unlimited and ND Agriculture Commission, to name a few.  Odds are there will be lots of landowners in the room as they have the right to determine what is best for their land—not NDGF.  If economic opportunities are presented to families, allowing them to harness new revenue from the land they own, it’s their right to do so. The theme from the two landowner meetings last month, was simple: landowners need to unite and protect their property rights.  NDGF guidelines are misguided and should be scrapped until landowners are included in this process.

 You are welcome to attend: June 6, 2018, Roughrider Room, State Capitol, 9:00 to 2:10.  (seating is tight so show up early).